Applying for funding

Small businesses

Can obtain EU funding through grants, loans and guarantees. Grants provide direct support, while other funding is available through programmes managed nationally.

EU funding for small businesses

Non-governmental & civil society organisations

May be eligible for funding, provided they are active in EU policy areas and on a non-profit basis.

EU funding for NGOs by policy area

Young people

Two main types of funding:

  • Education & training – study opportunities through Erasmus+, support for pupils nearing the end of secondary education, and vocational training in another country
  • Youth – co-funding of projects which encourage civic involvement, volunteer work and a broader multicultural outlook.


Between 2014 and 2020, the EU will provide almost €80bn in funding for research, mainly through its flagship research programme Horizon 2020. This funding usually takes the form of grants, to part-finance a broad range of research projects.

EU funding for research & innovation

Farmers & rural businesses

Most farmers in the EU are eligible for direct income-support payments. Around a third of these are given in return for green farming practices (maintaining permanent grassland, crop diversification, etc.).

Farmers also receive money based on the amount of land they hold – again in return for employing eco-friendly farming methods that preserve biodiversity, soil and water quality and keep emissions low.

EU funding also helps farmers train in new techniques and upgrade or restructure their farms. And it is also applied more broadly to improve life in rural areas, by creating jobs and providing basic services.

In addition, under rural development, young farmers can benefit from specific support for setting-up their business as well as from higher support rates for investment they make in the business.

Rural development programmes – by country

EU funding for your project?
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